New National Study Shows Mass Taxpayers are Among the Most Taxed in New England & Nationally

#2 Highest in New England & #5 Nationally - Grad Tax Will Only Make Things Worse

A new state tax study from the Tax Foundation reveals Massachusetts taxpayers have the second highest ‘state-local tax burden per capita’ and the second highest ‘taxes paid to own state per capita’ of the New England states, trailing only Connecticut. Leading the New England states, taxpayers in Connecticut pay an average of $12,151 and in Massachusetts pay an average of $9,405 for state-local tax burden per capita. Considering taxes owed to the state alone, taxpayers in Connecticut pay an average of $9,883 and Massachusetts pay an average of $7,565 per capita. Nationally, Massachusetts ranks as the 5th highest state among both categories.  A copy of the Tax Foundation’s study may be found here. Below is a chart of the New England states.



State-Local Tax Burden per Capita

Taxes Paid to Own State per Capita













Rhode Island



New Hampshire




These taxes include property taxes, sales taxes, income taxes, corporate income taxes, estate taxes, transfer taxes, and many others. 

“Legislative leadership continue to demonstrate how out of touch they are with everyday middle class working families. A new national study comes out today, showing that Massachusetts taxpayers are paying the second most in taxes in New England and the fifth most nationally, and instead of providing any type of tax relief, the Senate President is holding a press conference on climate change policies which will only add higher costs, fees, and taxes on taxpayers,” stated Paul Diego Craney, spokesperson for MassFiscal.

“Massachusetts taxpayers are getting beat down with higher taxes, and higher inflation. The Tax Foundation study ranks all 50 states and proves once again, Massachusetts is among the most taxed states in the entire country. However, it’s about to get so much worse with the proposed grad tax amendment which will impose a new income surtax that will increase rates by 80% for many middle class small businesses and some of the most productive individuals in our state,” continued Craney.    

“Connecticut just suspended their state’s gas tax, and New Hampshire is poised to do the same in the next few weeks. Last year, New Hampshire lowered their corporate tax rate and is phasing out their interest and dividends tax. Meanwhile, the Massachusetts legislature is hoping to trick enough voters to pass their gimmicky ballot question which would raise taxes by 80% on some earners. If Massachusetts voters go along with the legislature’s ballot question, the taxpayers of Massachusetts are about to get throttled like they have never seen before. Next year’s Tax Foundation study could be devastating if the legislature’s ballot question passes,” concluded Craney.

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