Study: Fuel Shortages by 2025 Under TCI

Did you happen to catch the latest analysis of the Transportation & Climate Initiative (TCI) put out by the Fiscal Alliance Foundation?

TCI is expected to cause fuel shortages almost immediately after implantation.

According to the Foundation, Massachusetts will begin to experience fuel shortages by 2025 if it enters into the agreement as planned in 2023. Approximately 80,000 vehicles will not have enough fuel by 2025.

To avoid TCI’s fuel shortages in 2025, Massachusetts drivers would need to buy (swap out a gasoline/diesel vehicle for an EV) approximately 2,000 EV each month beginning this month. The problem? Approximately 2,000 Electric Vehicles (EV) were sold in Massachusetts in ALL of 2020.

The scarcity of fuel will only increase by 2026—if we use that as our starting point, the number EVs MA needs to buy jumps to 4,000 EV per month starting this month.

(Pictured: Difference between Massachusetts’s fuel requirements and allotted supply under the TCI Scheme)

Former MA Climate Czar David Ismay accidentally said the quiet part out loud when he told climate activists that in order to get MA residents to reduce emissions, the state needed to “break your will” and “put the screws” to people.

One thing everyone can agree on is that residents are in for a world of hurt if TCI takes affect as planned.

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