Emergency At the Southern Border, Not at Massachusetts Shelters

Gov. Healey Ignoring Underlying Problem Biden Administration is Thrusting onto Massachusetts Communities

The Massachusetts Fiscal Alliance harshly criticized Governor Maura Healey for once again refusing to confront the realities of President Biden’s failed immigration policy, which is now putting a disastrous strain on state resources. The Governor felt compelled to call up the National Guard to help at shelters, instead of sending them to the southern border where the problem is only getting worse. Taxpayers are forking over roughly $45 million dollars a month on just the accommodation needed for these illegal immigrants. With the school year already starting for some communities, cities and towns will now be required to educate students suddenly placed into their districts without warning or adequate resources or planning.

“The National Guard should be sent to the southern border and Governor Healey should be going down there with them to see firsthand the failure President Biden has created. Why should Massachusetts taxpayers be expected to continue to shoulder this burden when the President and Governor continue to ignore the underlying problem for political gain. This current approach is unsustainable and if Governor Healey wants to help Massachusetts residents, she needs to confront President Biden first,” noted Paul Diego Craney, spokesman for Massachusetts Fiscal Alliance.

“Everyone knows this is not the right approach for the illegal immigrants entering our country, the immigrants trying to enter our country legally, and the Massachusetts taxpayers expected to pay for this immense economic burden. The Governor needs to put her state’s interest ahead of her party’s," concluded Craney.

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