MassFiscal Launches New Radio and Social Media Ad Campaign to Put Pressure on the Administration and Lawmakers

Ads will go on until Legislature Recesses on November 15

The Massachusetts Fiscal Alliance launched a new advocacy campaign on six different radio stations, along with social media ads, which are designed to encourage constituents to contact their lawmakers and Governor Healey to stop the flow of taxpayer funding on undocumented migrants until we see a full accounting of the costs to our state and reforms to our policies. The radio ads will start today and continue until the legislature recesses on November 15. The radio stations the ads will play on are WRKO, Cape WXTK, Lowell Talk 1200, Worcester WTAG, Western MA WHYN, and Newsradio RI. To listen to the radio ad, please click here.

Governor Healey is requesting an additional $250 million dollars to increase funding for the emergency housing system which has been overrun recently by migrants.

“There needs to be more rational behind our federal immigration policy beyond a person’s physical ability to walk across the southern border. This has been President Biden’s only criteria so far. The Governor has not held the President accountable and unless that happens, the situation will only become worse. For years, the Governor and other Beacon Hill leaders have ignored warnings that pursuing policies that pander to their political base would put Massachusetts in an untenable situation. They’ve banned local law enforcement from cooperating with immigration officials. They’ve guaranteed living accommodations and public benefits to migrants, regardless of legal status. They’ve agreed to provide driver’s licenses to basically anyone, with almost no backup documentation. Now, our state is a magnet for undocumented migrants and we find ourselves at a physical and financial breaking point,” noted Paul D. Craney, a spokesman for the Massachusetts Fiscal Alliance.

“Massachusetts taxpayers should not be paying for a broken system, especially if the politicians in charge of it don’t want to fix it. No more taxpayer money should be spent until the Governor’s administration is transparent with the actual cost to the taxpayers,” stated Paul Diego Craney.

“MassFiscal’s new advocacy campaign takes to the airwaves, the computer screens and on the smart phones to urge constituents to hold their elected officials accountable. We are hopeful that if lawmakers do not listen to common sense, they will listen to their constituents,” concluded Craney. 

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