MassFiscal Thanks Gov. Chris Sununu

He Provided Uniquely Conservative New England Leadership and Opposition to Gov. Baker’s TCI Gas Tax Scheme

Following breaking news that Governor Chris Sununu (R-NH) will not seek reelection to a fifth term as Governor of New Hampshire, Massachusetts Fiscal Alliance thanked him for his championing of fiscal conservatism across New England and his early opposition to Governor Charlie Baker’s Transportation and Climate Initiative (TCI).


“Taxpayer advocates have a true champion in Governor Chris Sununu. He showed other aspiring elected officials what it looks like to be a successful fiscal conservative in New England. Governor Sununu laid out the blueprint for how a Republican can get elected in New England while both staying true to their fiscally conservative principles and bringing success to likeminded, down ballot lawmakers,” said Paul D. Craney, a spokesman for the Massachusetts Fiscal Alliance.


Governor Sununu has been a frequent guest speaker at Massachusetts Fiscal Alliance receptions in the past. In December of 2019, though under tremendous political pressure from the Baker administration, Governor Sununu was the first Governor to oppose the Transportation and Climate Initiative (TCI), which was designed to lower the supply of gasoline and diesel fuels by 30% over 10 years in hopes that prices go up and demand would drop. TCI was planned with participation from all the mid-Atlantic states, the Northeast, and New England. Members of Governor Baker’s administration chaired TCI, yet Gov. Sununu called out the scheme as a “boondoggle” while declaring New Hampshire would not join, eventually leading to the dropout of other states. Massachusetts Fiscal Alliance lead the multi-state coalition to oppose TCI.  


Governor Sununu has been recognized from the Cato Institute, a libertarian think tank in D.C., as one of their top leaders. During the pandemic, Governor Sununu resisted efforts to lock down his state, while other New England states were stuck in perpetual state of emergency lockdowns that seem to change daily and not grounded in the law. Governor Sununu took advantage of Massachusetts’ high tax impulses and a lack of leadership by Massachusetts elected officials to resist these tax hikes, as he ensured his state fully eliminated all state income taxes on income, while Massachusetts increased theirs. As a result, New Hampshire has become the top destination for Massachusetts taxpayer relocation.


“It’s easy to look back on Governor Sununu’s time in office with great fondness. He has always been a deep thinker on policy and unafraid to speak up. New Englanders will be losing a tremendous champion for the taxpayers and we hope his time in public service is not over,” closed Craney. 

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