Statement on State Shelter System Soon Hitting Capacity

The Massachusetts Fiscal Alliance issued the following statement following news the state shelter system is reaching Governor Healey’s self-imposed “cap” of 7,500.

“Governor Healey’s move to cap our shelter system does nothing to address the root cause of the issue facing the Commonwealth and our country as a whole. At the same time she’s putting up the “No Vacancy” sign over Massachusetts, she refuses to condemn the open southern border and our own policies that are causing this crisis. It’s incredibly hypocritical,” noted Paul D. Craney, a spokesman for the Massachusetts Fiscal Alliance.

“Governor Healey, Speaker Mariano, Senate President Spilka, and our federal delegation were all rabidly opposed to any efforts to secure our southern border in the past. The responsibility for our current situation lies with them. Now, instead of trying to fix the issue, they’re merely trying to deflect responsibility for the situation onto other states. Massachusetts residents should be outraged,” stated Craney.

“The inclusion of provisions for an “overflow site” in today’s spending bill released by the House should trouble everyone. It essentially means we have a shelter cap in name only and I have no doubt will lead to a situation that is far worse for everyone involved—Massachusetts resident and undocumented migrants alike. The only humane and just solution to this crisis is to secure the border,” stated Craney.

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