Hear our new radio ad!

The Massachusetts Fiscal Alliance will be airing radio ads on The Howie Carr Show throughout the middle of May. The show airs weekdays from 4-7 pm, and you can find the stations in your area here. Alternately, you can listen to the ad online right now!


New Video: Less Time with Union Bosses

Last Friday, MassFiscal released a new web video entitled "Less Time with Union Bosses," which encouraged four state representatives to focus more on their duties and less on trying to distract their constituents with theatrics at press conferences. Watch it now!


Massachusetts Fiscal Alliance Testifies in Support of MBTA Reform

Governor’s proposal well-suited to fixing what ails the T

Boston, MA: The Massachusetts Fiscal Alliance, a nonpartisan, nonprofit advocacy organization dedicated to promoting fiscal responsibility and transparency in state government, today expressed its support for Governor Baker’s MBTA reform proposals in written testimony to the state legislature’s Joint Committee on Transportation.

“After a brutal winter of delays and cancellations, it’s abundantly clear to all that major reforms are needed at the MBTA,” said Paul Craney, executive director of the Massachusetts Fiscal Alliance. “The governor’s proposals to put the organization in the hands of a control board, empower management, and increase flexibility by suspending the Pacheco Law are significant, and deserve the legislature’s support.

The full testimony submitted by the organization can be voted at www.massfiscal.org/education.


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