Tax Debate to Start Today

The House is expected to begin debate on amendments to the state budget today. First up, are amendments that deal with revenue, aka tax hikes or new taxes. 

MassFiscal was pleased to see the Governor’s tax hike proposal to the real estate excise tax (Stamp Tax) was not included in the budget and not included as an amendment idea, but we were disappointed to learn that Representative Jones (R-Reading), the Republican House Minority Leader, proposed to reinstate two tax increases that were included in the Governor’s original budget, but were left out of the House Way and Means version. 

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DeLeo and Spilka May Soon Be the Last Legislative Leaders in the Country Exempt from Public Records

Boston – The Massachusetts Fiscal Alliance released the following statement in response to legislation in Michigan that would subject both legislators and the Governor’s office to the state’s public records laws.

The bipartisan proposal has the support of leadership and is currently working its way through the legislative process.  If signed into law, Massachusetts would be isolated as the last state in the country that excludes both the legislature and Governor’s office from Freedom of Information Act requests. For more on Michigan, click here.

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Biden and Walsh Should Rally Around Struggling Massachusetts Employers

Massachusetts Employers Need to Feel Biden’s Love

The Massachusetts Fiscal Alliance released the following statement in response to former Vice President Joe Biden and Boston Mayor Marty Walsh joining a Stop and Shop picket line in Dorchester today.

“As millions of Massachusetts taxpayers pay their taxes this week, it would be more appropriate for Mayor Walsh and Vice President Biden to show some warm feelings toward our state’s employers, rather than just joining the picket line. The Vice President should make time to meet with employers. It’s a great opportunity for an elected official to figuratively give our employer community a warm embrace,” stated Paul D. Craney, spokesperson of MassFiscal.

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