Response to 1986 Law Passed by CLT That Could Provide Over $2.5 Billion in Tax Relief

The Massachusetts Fiscal Alliance made the following statement after today’s remarks from Governor Charlie Baker in which the Governor said taxpayers could be entitled to over $2.5 billion in rebates due to a law originally passed in 1986 and championed by Citizens for Limited Taxation (CLT) and the tireless advocacy of the Barbara Anderson.

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Record Inflation and Recession Are Still Not Enough for Mariano and Spilka to Act on Tax Relief

With only three days before the end of the legislative session Massachusetts Speaker Ron Mariano and Senate President Karen Spilka are still refusing to release their very mild tax relief package from the conference committee. 

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With Days Left Before End of Session – Tax Relief Still Not Done

Middle Class ‘Left Out to Dry’ by Speaker and Senate President

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