Budget Process is Being Restricted to the Public by only Accepting Written Testimony

According to the State House News Service, the House Ways and Means Committee is drafting its budget plan and, “lawmakers are only giving the general public an opportunity to weigh in throughout next week. Unlike in-person hearings of previous cycles that enabled people to directly address lawmakers, or even the internet hearings that facilitated virtual interactions, lawmakers are only accepting written testimony this year.”

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MassFiscal Condemns Mayor Wu’s Threat of Eliminating Outdoor Dinning and $7,500 Fee for North End Restaurants

On Friday, Boston Mayor Michelle Wu canceled her 2 p.m. public press conference and instead sent a letter to North End restaurants.

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MassFiscal Applauds 11 State Senators Who Voted in Favor of Gas Tax Suspension

29 Democratic State Senators Voted to Keep Prices Higher

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