MassFiscal Issues Statement as Ballot Committee Against 80% Income Surtax Hike Launches TV Campaign

Following news reports indicating that both sides in the fight over the proposed 80% income surtax hike ballot question have now taken to the airwaves, the Massachusetts Fiscal Alliance issued the following statement weighing in. 

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Taxpayers Credit Amount of $2.9 Billion Announced – Auditor’s September 20th Deadline Next Step

The Massachusetts Department of Revenue released their numbers, which was required by September 1, which will be used to determine the full credit amount to be returned to Massachusetts taxpayers through Chapter 62F.

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Taxpayer Organizations United and Prepared to Go to Court to Protect the Will of the Voters

The Massachusetts Fiscal Alliance, the Fiscal Alliance Foundation, and Citizens for Limited Taxation announced today that they have partnered with the New England Legal Foundation and the Goldwater Institute to prepare to bring suit to enforce Chapter 62F of Massachusetts law, should such action be necessary.

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