Hundreds of Voter Discrepancies Uncovered in Massachusetts

Calls on Secretary Galvin to Hold a Public Hearing

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MassFiscal Praises Incoming Lawmakers for Transparency Pledge

BOSTON – Citing their pledge to stand for recorded roll call votes once elected to the legislature, the Massachusetts Fiscal Alliance has publicly thanked incoming lawmakers for their commitment to open and transparent government.

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Union Loophole Case Being Appealed to SCOTUS

Washington—Massachusetts bans businesses—but not unions—from making political contributions. Now, the Goldwater Institute is asking the U.S. Supreme Court to address this unfair double standard and level the campaign-finance playing field.

In Massachusetts, for-profit businesses cannot give money to political candidates, committees, and parties at all—not directly, and not indirectly through a political action committee. But unions—including unions from outside the state—can give up to $15,000 to a single candidate and can also create political action committees to give even more. That makes Massachusetts one of six states that ban businesses—but not unions—from giving to parties, committees, and candidates.

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